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Good for the First Lady but What About Brands

With Twitter's new redesign, which recently became available to the masses, the tech industry seems to be mainly concerned with how this will affect Michelle Obama's Twitter Billig Cialis 20mg profile. Anadrol 50 Cycle But what about brands? Now, it can be argued that the First Lady is a brand, but I'm referring to enterprise organizations the 97 percent of top brands that are using Twitter to market and engage with their audience (Brandwatch). These changes can have a significant impact on brand reputation, marketing and customer service, in particular.

Smart brands under smart leadership know that Twitter, much like other popular social networks, can and should be leveraged as a communications channel between brand and customer. This holds true in both the marketing and customer service departments. Consumers follow brands on Twitter in order to be "in the know" about the latest company updates, products and deals. And the same consumers don't want to chat on the phone anymore; they want their issue resolved immediately in 140 characters or less. So how exactly do the new Twitter features affect the brand customer relationship? Here is a breakdown by new features:

Visually engaging profile pages "Jintropin (Gensci Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.)" Social networks are much more visual these days, so it was Buy Cialis only a matter of time before Twitter jumped on the bandwagon. Brands now have the ability to upload a large header photo, and unlike Facebook's limited 20 percent text policy, brands can use this space to advertise products or market campaigns. With advertising, though, comes questioning. Customers are going to want to know how much those headphones are in your header photo, how long your sale will last and how they can book that hotel room "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" by the beach. Brands must be prepared to address the onslaught of questions these new images will trigger.

Best tweets, pinned tweets and filtered tweets Ever posted a tweet that garnered so much engagement, you wish it wouldn't get lost "below the fold"? Done. Twitter has enabled Best Tweets or popular tweets that will appear slightly larger, so your best content is easy to find. Be careful, though. That popular tweet might be popular because it initiated a string of negative comments. While brands hope that isn't ever the case, always strive to create better and more engaging content week after week.

Brands also have the option to pin tweets to the top of their profile. Running a hashtag campaign that you want your customers to follow? Pin the tweet to the top of your Twitter feed and encourage engagement from customers. But again, you need to tread lightly. Customers can now filter your tweets to view the content they want to see and avoid the content they don't want to see. Make sure to mix up marketing messages with other content and analyze how they fair with your followers.

From the customer's perspective, they no longer need to pay$1,000 for a negative tweet to get noticed. Remember when British Airways passenger Hasan Syed purchased a promoted tweet to complain about the airline's customer service? He not only reached a global audience but started a new trend "complainvertising." That's the power of Twitter. Customers now have the power to pin tweets, as well. Brands must keep this in mind when they see a negative interaction come through. Address it up front and resolve the issue; otherwise, that tweet can live at the top of a customer's Twitter profile for days, weeks, months, even years at a time, highlighting their negative experience with a brand.

Elements of the new Twitter profile, such as the ability to draw more attention to particular tweets Billig Viagra Danmark or interactions, can be powerful for both users and brands. Users can direct more eyes to a brand interaction and influence their followers, positively or negatively. Brands can take advantage of that increased visibility to gain customers. Brands can even mitigate the tone of a negative tweet with a responsive, transparent interaction. That is what customers will then remember Buy Methandienone Dianabol a responsive brand that addresses issues head on and works to leave its customers better off than when they initially tweeted.

For instance, I had an issue with a flight and tried to use the airline's "chat with an agent" feature online. It turned out to be a "chatbot," not a person, and did not provide the information I needed. What did I do? Itweeted about it. Fortunately, I was able to speak face to face with an agent at the airport and resolve the issue, but my tweet got the airline's attention and a quick reply. I'm just one of many users who have found that "airing their grievances" via Twitter can deliver results, and most airlines are listening.

While the amount of brand engagement on social platforms is still a small percentage of overall customer interaction, with34 percent of Boldenone Base Recipe consumers complaining about a brand on social media, it is possibly much more significant because it's public facing. Social customer service is a great way to strengthen the brand customer relationship. When a brand commits to those channels, they must also adapt to and leverage design changes.

What does the future hold? Social customer service will become increasingly mainstream in the next few years. Meaningful exchanges between brands and customers are already taking place on Twitter, Facebook and other social platforms. Those interactions will surge and become more visually engaging challenging brands to become more visual in their responses. Does that mean live video chatting straight from Twitter, much like Amazon's Mayday feature? It will likely include that and more. What changes do you expect to see in the future for social customer service?



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